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Never Give Up! (in blitz)

May 21, 2012

There was a small turnout at yesterday’s NYChessKids tournament, where I directed an 8 player Open section (1300-1600) and a 6 player Championship section (1600+). We ended with an exciting blitz playoff in the Open section. Oliver Neubauer of Dalton and Ben Drevitch of M.S. 54 tied for first with 2.5/3, and in the first game of the playoff, Oliver won after Ben had a brain fart and hung his queen. In the second game, Ben did better, and got to a winning endgame, but something went wrong:

White to Play

With a minute left on each side, Ben (playing White) overlooked that his bishop covered g8, so he missed the quick 1. g7+ Kh7 2. g8=Q+ Kh6 3. Qg6#, and instead let Oliver swindle him out of the half point he needed to keep the playoff alive:

1. h6? b3! 2. Bxb3? a2! 3. Bxa2?? 1/2-1/2 (stalemate).

In blitz, it’s really never over until it’s over.


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