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Another Directing Day

April 23, 2012

Directed at my third NYChessKids tournament yesterday, in charge of the Championship (Over 1600), Open (1300-1600) and Classic (1000-1300) sections. Directing three sections, I had less time to watch particular games, but there were some fascinating moments, including:

* A dispute in a Classic section game over where black’s queen was, requiring thorough review of the players’ scoresheets to determine the correct position.

* A blitz playoff for first in the Open section between Corwin Cheung of Hunter and a Dalton player, both finishing 3-0. Corwin took first, winning both blitz games.

* It was one of the largest and longest NYChessKids tournaments ever, with Open and Classic section rounds all running to the time control. 4 G/60s, or 3 G/75s, makes for a long day for the kids (4 G/45s was already a pretty long day at the Marshall Club). My sections didn’t get out until around 6:00–not for inefficiency, but simply because the games ran so long. I think 4 G/45s makes for a more manageable scholastic day.

One annoyance at these tournaments is the privileged position that some NYChessKids affiliated coaches seem to have. There’s a general “no coaches or parents in the playing room” rule, which the parents follow but the master/IM level coaches ignore. For my own reference, when I start running my own scholastics, I’d rather have a blanket spectator area rule, allowing parents, coaches, and players to watch from a distance. If I’m running tournaments in the Midwest, where there’s more space, that’ll probably be easier.

Well, that’s Sunday’s news. Tonight: my first FIDE rated game, where I probably get smashed by a 2400 who gave up a first round draw!


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